Dog Walking - Walking arthritic dogs little and often is usually better for their joints rather than one big long walk on a daily basis.

Litter Trays

Placing litter trays in accessible areas and using trays with low sides can be more comfortable to use for arthritic cats


Joint supplements such as omega acids (vegetable sources such as flax-seed oil are safer for pets than fish-based ones) and glucosamine chondoritin may be helpful in the treatment of arthritis

Recognise the early signs

Struggling to jump in the car/ on furniture; panting at night or heavily after exercise and licking affected joints could be symptoms which appear some time before stiffness is apparent

Treat early

With treatments such as acupuncture and/or medication if appropriate, can help break the cycle where your pet will use the affected limb less which will result in muscle wastage

Keep your pet slim

This reduces the load placed on arthritic joints and is likely to improve mobility and slow down progression of the condition.