February 15, 2016

Our dear old German Shepherd cross, Nelson, was having significant issues with his back legs and hips, due to arthritis in the hips and knees and general muscle wasting. He was in quite a bit of discomfort, finding it difficult to get up from lying down, climb stairs, go for walks. Cheryl and her acupuncture were amazing!! Nelson loved it – he would totally zen out during the treatments, falling asleep during it. It definitely made him more comfortable and able to move more easily. The acupuncture complimented very well the other treatments / medication he was having. He is still around today, having made the trip back from Scotland to Australia. Cheryl herself is a pleasure to work with and being a vet as well as a registered acupuncturist, a very good source of knowledge and expertise on many animal ailments. I would highly recommend her. Fiona